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Why is Allen Home Builders the best option for your new home or cottage?

Experience, Expertise & A Commitment to Excellence

Todd Allen

Todd Allen is owner and general manager of Allen Home Builders, Inc. With over 23 years experience in residential home building, he personally guides each customer through the home selection & quoting process and actively manages the entire project from start to finish.

“Our commitment is to continually work to find the most cost-effective, high-quality, timely method for building your new home or cottage.”

Full-Service Approach & Turn-Key Completion

At Allen Home Builders, we walk you through the process of building your new home and provide expert advice and help throughout the all the different phases of construction. From the very first step of designing your home to clearing the lot to constructing the foundation, all the way to the finished paint job and installation of floor coverings and appliances, we coordinate the job from start to finish. And we work closely with our customers throughout the entire project to ensure when the home is finished, it’s exactly what they want.

Phased Completion and Remodeling Projects

Although we specialize in “turn-key” projects handled from start to finish at Allen Home Builders, we’re also willing to work with our customers who want to do some of their own work on their new home or cottage. We will break the project cost down into various phases such as construction of the exterior “shell,” insulation, various trades and interior finish, and work with you to complete as many of the different phases as you would like.

We will also quote large remodeling projects and additions to existing homes. Please contact us to come out and look at your project today.

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